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At Gadd Landscape Solutions we are especially passionate about the environment and conservation. Our services have been carefully considered with everything we do, centred around reducing environmental impact and enhancing and implementing ways to nurture and protect our environment and the native wildlife that call it home.


Incorporating supportive environments for our native wildlife in our landscape creations is a unique aspect of what we do. There are endless ways that you can support native wildlife in your landscape design such as:

  • Native plants – Australia has an abundance of unique and vibrant plants; the use of natives will provide food and shelter to native wildlife without compromising on aesthetics and design.

  • Water features – Provides hydration to native wildlife

  • Native stingless beehives – Pollination of native plant species

  • Nest boxes – We can supply and install nest boxes to best suit the species in your area such as possums, gliders, and birds

If you are as passionate about the environment as we are and have a special interest in a particular species, we will create a habitat to best support your interest. This could include:

  • Butterfly garden

  • Bee garden

  • Frog pond

  • Reptile garden


Richmond Birdwing Butterfly

The Richmond Birdwing Butterfly (RBWB) is one of Australia's largest and most beautiful butterflies, it is classified as a Vulnerable species in Queensland. We are passionate about helping to reconnect its fragmented habitat in hope that one day this beautiful butterfly will thrive once again.

The RBWB lays eggs singly or in small clusters on the native Pararistolochia vine, otherwise known as the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly Vine (RBWB Vine). The butterfly larvae are entirely dependent on this species of the vine for food, sadly the RBWB vine itself is in trouble and listed as near-threatened.


Less than one percent of the original area in which the vine once thrived is still in existence. You can help play a part in reconnecting the butterflies fragmented habitat by incorporating the RBWB vine and other supportive plant species into your habitat garden.

Image by Damon On Road

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