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Image by Leslie Shapiro

GES Structural Landscaping

Looking for Structural Landscaping solutions?

Gadd Eco Scapes (GES) are Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) certified providing the highest of quality workmanship for all your structural landscaping needs. Our structural works span across both residential and commercial premises to create breathtaking outdoor spaces to be enjoyed for years to come. 

Our Gadd Eco Scapes are brought life through the construction and development of:

  • Decks, arbors and pergolas

  • Paving

  • Irrigation

  • Ponds and water features

  • Playgrounds

  • Zoological – Natural wildlife habitats such as aviaries

  • Residential - Natural look and feel habitats such as aviaries

Image by Geraldine Dukes

Aquatic Habitats and Water Features

  • Water features; Our water features include water urns and bluestone rock pillars. Water will cascade over into a vault creating a tranquil feature in your garden. Water bubbles up over rock segments like a natural spring. This feature is a perfect addition to a therapeutic garden.

  • Waterfalls (without pond); This feature is designed in small, medium, or large to best utilise your space. Your waterfall will provide a visual and auditory sense of running water without needing to maintain a pond. A perfect no-fuss water feature for those who simply want to experience the tranquillity of running water.

  • Aquatic Habitats; A small, medium, or large pond with a waterfall filtration system that creates flow, and a skimmer system to remove surface debris. This is a relatively shallow pond encouraging frogs, dragonflies, bees and butterflies. Native fish species are included to reduce mosquito larvae. Our designs discourage cane toads from entering and breeding in your pond. To ensure we are nurturing a healthy native habitat, we provide a natural product containing pheromones to attract and remove any sneaky toad tadpoles.

  • Recreational Ponds; Larger scale ponds that are 1m+ deep, including a wetland filtration system that connects to a waterfall, requiring little to no maintenance. Native fish species will be included to naturally reduce mosquito larvae and support a small ecosystem in your non-chlorinated water hole. When incorporating your pond with a habitat garden it will attract a variety of native species including birds, dragonflies, butterflies and frogs, creating a dream garden oasis for both you and your local native wildlife.

Aquatic Habitats
Image by Bambi Corro

Children's Playscapes

Through the incorporation of unique elements and design, we create playscapes that incorporate nature and initiate curiosity and imagination. Our playscapes are custom designed to suit your needs, we will provide unique design ideas to bring your dream playscape to life, whether it be for schools, early learning centres or residential projects.


Examples of elements that can be included are:

  • Natural log features including log seating for outdoor classrooms

  • Natural rock features for climbing and exploration

  • Safe water features

  • Cubby houses and forts

  • Climbing walls

  • Natural look concrete tunnels covered with soil and turf

  • Gardens can be uniquely themed as desired such as fairy gardens


What We Can Do

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