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Do you need a Landscaping specialist?

Our experienced landscaping team are here to cover all your landscaping needs including landscape design and consultation, therapeutic gardens, habitat gardens including homes for wildlife such as natural hollows and nest boxes. All you need to do is describe your dream garden and our dedicated team will bring it to life.


Habitat Gardens

Habitat Gardens

We specialise in utilising native plant species and techniques to create beautiful habitat gardens which will come to life with your local native wildlife. Elements of your habitat garden can include:

  • Plants to attract birds; They provide nectar for food, shelter from predators as well as nesting opportunities. Native Australian flora is unique and beautiful ensuring you have an aesthetically stunning garden.

  • Plants to attract butterflies; Most butterfly species require specific plants to support their lifecycle. We will identify the native butterfly’s endemic to your area and utilise the right butterfly attracting plants to support them.

  • Plants to attract bees; Bees are a crucial part of our ecosystem and are relied upon for the pollination of our amazing native Australian flora. We can incorporate bee attracting plants and native beehives into your garden. Australia is home to over 1500 native bee species. These bees are extremely small starting at just 2mm. Unlike the European honeybee, native bees are stingless.

  • Aquatic ponds and waterfalls; These provide a habitat for native fish, dragonflies, damselflies, butterflies, bees and frogs. To learn more follow the link.

  • Rocks and natural logs; They create basking areas for skinks and smaller reptiles such as blue tongue lizards while providing nooks for shelter from predators. Through strategic design, these natural features can be utilised to deter cane toads.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Therapeutic Gardens

Therapeutic Garden

Therapeutic gardens are filled with a variety of sensory experiences including those related to taste, touch, sound, sight and smell. They help to support mental health and wellbeing, support learning outcomes and physical health and wellbeing. The healing and calming effects of gardens are well documented. No two are alike; each new garden is an opportunity to explore creative ideas in order to best facilitate the needs of those who will be enjoying the space, the creative opportunities are endless.

Mental Health - Therapy Gardens

Spending time in and exploring a purpose-designed therapy garden fosters feelings of simplicity and relaxation.  Opportunities to connect with oneself and peers through nature fosters purpose and community engagement which is an essential component in achieving good outcomes for mental health.

Aged Care - Rediscovery Gardens

Therapeutic gardens help with supporting our treasured older generation through nature's restorative benefits. Many residents in Aged Care do not experience significant time in nature. At Gadd Landscape Solutions, we believe this is of great concern. 


Natural environments are proven to help with common ailments experienced by the elderly such as fatigue, anxiety, and depression.  Bone health is also supported through outdoor time, gentle movement and natural vitamin D. Time spent in therapeutic gardens can support stress reduction which is important for common conditions such as high blood pressure.

Inclusive Gardens for Children - Discovery Gardens 

The benefits of therapeutic gardens for children with special needs such as Autistic Spectrum Disorder is well documented. Many schools are now inclusive, ensuring all children can learn and play together despite their needs while being supported. A purpose-designed therapeutic garden benefits all students regardless of their needs connecting them with nature in an all-inclusive natural environment.

Combining Therapeutic and Habitat Gardens          


Creating gardens that immerse people in nature while allowing them to them experience wildlife in a natural environment is important to us. We utilise our unique skillset to combine Habitat gardens with Therapeutic gardens creating a sensory experience while providing food and shelter to local native Australian wildlife for a  unique and meaningful experience.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

What We Can Do

Image by Noah Buscher

Funding your project

Do you need funding?

Obtaining the funding required to implement new projects such as Therapeutic gardens can feel like a daunting and difficult task. If the project is not approved within your budget, grant funding is a great option. Our experienced grant writer can help you by identifying available grants to suit your needs and support you through the application process.

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