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Butterfly Food

Butterflies use their proboscis to eat. This is a straw-like tube that coils up when they're not using it. They use the proboscis to sip nectar, juice, and water.

While the right flowers are a butterflies number one choice, they also love to eat fruit! Juicy fruits like oranges and mushy, ripe bananas are an absolute favourite!

There are so many options for you to include in your garden to attract butterflies but here are some of our favourites for you to try in your habitat garden!

  • Zig-zag vine

  • Native finger lime

  • Richmond birdwing butterfly vine

  • Native mulberry

  • Lemon myrtle

  • Kangaroo grass

  • Wilga 

  • Brush senna

  • Native current

  • Aniseed myrtle

  • Cinnamon myrtle

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Butterflies drinking juice from an orange

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