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Christmas Bell - Plant of the month November

The Blandfordia grandiflora is a stunning native Australian plant, its prominent bell shape and vibrant colours have earnt this unique plant the name ‘Christmas Bell’. This striking plant is an Endangered species grown by only a few specialist propagators. There are permits required for collecting seeds in order to grow the Christmas Bell.

The Christmas Bell has no scent making it a great choice for those who may be sensitive to floral smells. The bells are 4 cm long and about 1cm wide, they sit in a cluster near the top of the main stem, hanging on curved stems.

The species grows wild in the sandstone country of New South Wales, in coastal heath and in the mountains. The Christmas Bell does not however do well in cold, dry regions.

To learn more about the Christmas Bell, as well as information regarding permits and advice for growing, please visit Australian National Botanic Gardens at:…/inte…/blandfordia-grandiflora.html

Blandfordia grandiflora - Christmas Bell

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