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Create your own frog pond

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Not only is a frog pond a beautiful feature for your garden but it creates a home for our beloved native Australian frogs. Sadly many Australian frog species have suffered dramatic population declines since the 1980s. Fifteen species of Australian frogs are currently endangered, twelve are listed as vulnerable and four have become extinct.

Ideally your frog pond will be placed where it receives 70% shade and 30% sun; this will ensure a good water temperature for the frogs and the correct environment for algae to grow.

You can create your pond from a variety of materials such as kids swimming pool, laundry tubs, plastic bins or a purpose built pond. Frogs like to hide so your pond should include rocks, logs and leaf litter as well as native water plants and ground covers; these shelter options will keep the frogs safe from predators.

Native plants such as mat rush (Lomandra hystrix) planted close together will help keep the toads out. Please remember not to use pesticides near your pond. Frogs have extremely absorbent skin which will soak up any chemicals and kill the frogs.

If you would love a Frog pond in your yard, contact us today for your no obligation, free quote

Green Tree frog

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