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Habitat Gardens

Do you love wildlife?

Have you been thinking about refreshing your backyard with new Gardens and unique Landscaping?

Why not combine your love of wildlife and embark on a new backyard with a Native Habitat Garden! Our team have a lengthy history working with wildlife, we have the knowledge and skills to design the perfect Habitat Garden for your space, whether small or large. We will use Native plants endemic to your area to ensure your Habitat garden thrives despite these dry conditions.

Sadly, our native wildlife are struggling, they are losing their homes and food sources at an alarming rate, forcing them to take refuge in unnatural places like ceiling spaces.

You can help by creating a garden filled with Wildlife food trees, nest boxes and clean, fresh drinking water with natural feel water features.

Contact our team today for your no obligation, free, quote.

Let’s get started!

Common Ringtail Possum - Habitat Gardens Gold Coast

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