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Helping Native Plants with Native Bees

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Native bees are so important! Native bees pollinate native plants, many of which can't be pollinated by introduced bees. If you want to encourage Native bees to your garden, check out our list of Native bee loving plants below.

You can also encourage Native bees by minimising pesticide use and providing the materials they need to build a nest. Bees rely on undisturbed patches of bare soil, sand, clay and plant material to build nests. If these types of materials are scarce you can purchase Bee and Insect houses from stores like Bunnings.

Native Bess love:

🐝 Flowering Gum trees 🐝 Bottle brush 🐝 Banksia 🐝 Acacia 🐝 Native Tea Tree 🐝 Native Rosemary 🐝 Grevillea

For more information on Native bees visit:

Banksia - A Native Bee Attracting Plant

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