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International Compost Awareness Week🥕

Compost is a gardener’s black gold and it’s the key to an amazing vegetable garden. Here are four easy steps to help get your compost started.

1. Location! Location! Chose a place that is protected from the wind, close to a hose, and has a good drainage system

2. Choose your bin – consider how much compostable waste your household produces when choosing bin size

3. The process – add compostable materials to your bin and speed up the process of the breaking-down action, by turning the pile with a pitchfork

4. Enjoy the benefits! Add to your veggie garden and reap the reward

Helpful hint; Keep a small leak proof compost bin in your kitchen so you can easily add to your outdoor bin a t the end of each day.

Below are just some of the materials you can compost: • Grass clippings • Tree leaves • Vegetable food scraps • Coffee grounds • Newspaper • Cardboard

International compost awareness week 2019

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