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Plant Of The Month August - Native Finger Lime

Native Australian Finger limes are a small, slender, oblong-shaped fruit. They are filled with juicy little bead-like crystals that look a lot like caviar.

The lime's tangy juice is great for drinks, desserts, and marmalade. Mature Finger lime comes in a wide range of colours, such as green, yellow, purple, pink, and even bright red.

This delicious citrus fruit has been enjoyed by Indigenous Australian’s for thousands of years and used as a topical medicine for its antiseptic properties.

Try making this delicious Finger lime syrup to drizzle over fruit salad or your favourite dessert!

  • Over low heat dissolve 1/4 cup castor sugar with 1/2 cup of water

  • Increase heat and simmer until liquid thickens slightly then remove from heat

  • Allow to cool a bit then add the pearls from 2 to 3 Finger limes

  • Drizzle and enjoy!

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