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Plant of the Season - Lavender 💜

Lavender is the full package when it comes to spring plant choice, it smells amazing, attracts native bees, repels mosquitos, comes in many varieties to suit your specific needs, and will splash your spring garden with stunning purple blossoms. This member of the mint family is a welcome addition to most spring gardens. Spikes of fragrant purple flowers shoot up out of an attractive, grey-green foliage. Lavender is hardy and low maintenance. Depending on the variety chosen, your Lavender will grow between 30 and 60 centimeters in height and about 60 centimeters wide, This highly versatile plant can be enjoyed as a hedge, garden border, or potted feature. Lavender does not love moisture, so well-drained soil is important. Organic matter can be added to clay or heavy soils to promote drainage. As Lavender prefers dry conditions, water twice a week until established, then water as required (during dry periods). Once established, you can utilise a slow-release fertiliser. Once the warmer months come to an end, you can support your lavender through winter frost with straw mulch. If harvesting your lavender, it's best to do this in the morning as the scent-producing oils are more concentrated at the beginning of the day.

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