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Spray can art for butterflies!

Recently we had the pleasure of creating a Butterfly Garden for the kiddies at Varsity College Primary School. The garden has a special focus on the vulnerable Richmond Birdwing Butterfly. We want to give a huge shout out to Bastian Allfrey for his outstanding talent and contribution to this project. Bastian created these stunning images of the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly and the butterfly lifecycle using spray-can art!

Words can’t describe Bastion's talent, we are blown away by his ability. Bastian, known as Allfrey is a Gold Coast and Brisbane artist who creates outstanding murals using spray can art. Allfrey’s high level of skill in spray can control has landed him numerous large and detailed mural works with major brands and companies, and we can see why!

Allfrey loves to bring attention to the art form of spray can art. Allfrey’s belief is that art connects people, art portrays ideas, art influences and inspires and can make a difference.

To see more of Allfrey's murals visit

Spray can art - Richmond Birdwing Butterfly

Spray can art - Butterfly Life cycle

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