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Our Services

Our team of residential and commercial landscape specialists can help breathe life into your vision. From manicured lawns and gardens to structural landscape designs; elevate and transform your outdoor space. 

Image by GreenForce Staffing


Soft Landscaping

Landscape Design

Nest boxes/Hollows

Habitat Gardens

Therapeutic Gardens

We offered a tailored approach to landscaping. Our team will help conceptualise your project and develop it with uncompromised quality and attention to detail.

Landscape design

Landscape construction 

Project management

Playground Construction

Aquatic habitats


Exhibit design

Wildlife enclosure construction

Aviary construction

We specialise in an extensive range of Structural Landscaping services. From playgrounds, ponds and wildlife enclosures, our team can deliver an outdoor masterpiece to the highest quality and standard.

Beautiful Park

Structural Landscaping
Gadd Eco Scapes



Horticulture services

Lawn care

Weed management


Implement management plans

Tree management

Gadd Group offers an extensive range of Horticulture services for child care centres, aged care, and commercial residences. 

Bushland Regeneration/revegetation

Habitat creation 


Animal fodder plantations

Vegetation management plans

Establish and maintain walking trails 

Flora and fauna surveys

Fire Break establishment/maintenance

With extensive hands-on experience working on environmental projects, our team can offer comprehensive environmental solutions.


Environmental Services

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